May 12, 2019

The Friends I Need to Meet

I have been making new friends throughout my travels and have often reflected on the feeling that I had before I set out on this journey that I was meant to find these people. And here at Picacho Peak I met a young couple who I ultimately decided that I was destined to meet. There was nothing startling about our meeting. They were simply the other people camping in a section of the campground that held only our 2 parties. We nodded our heads in acknowledgment of each other and coexisted quietly.

But then I noticed that they had a situation and I was able to help them out. And then I had a situation and they were able to help me out. Nothing startling in this as campgrounds are full of people ready to offer a helping hand, but when the lady and I spent a little time sharing where we’ve been we discovered that while I was laid up with the flu in California they were staying at a friends house just 3 doors down. We never met while we were in California, but one month later we are camped at the same campground in Arizona. Keep in mind this wasn’t just down the road – I had gone up into Utah, crossed over into Colorado, made a short stop in New Mexico and then followed a circuitous route through northern Arizona before I headed down to southern Arizona – and camped 3 campsites down from these people.

We shared stories of our individual stays in Yucca Valley and our other travels. We developed a warmth and a regard for one another. I can’t provide you with a concrete reason for us needing to meet, only that we 3 developed a kinship with each other over a short span of time and memories of them will travel on with me as I continue my journey.