May 5, 2019

Petrified Forest National Park

Many of us when we hear about the Petrified Forest imagine a forest of tall stone trees. It’s a bit disappointing when we discover that these petrified remains are of large trees that fell to the ground and then were turned into rock through a long slow process. I had chats with many other travellers who shared these same expectations. Once you get past the realization that your expectations were unreasonable it is fun to explore the rock remains and the lovely views along the route.

I started at the north end and pulled my trailer 30 miles through the park to the south end where you leave the park and are welcome to boondock with your self-contained rv at either of the two crystal/gift shops. I made friends along the route at various stops, including one charming couple from the United Kingdom. They were renting an RV and exploring the southwest. By the end of the day when we ended up at the free campsite, we were old friends. It doesn’t matter how many times this happens to me, I’m always a bit amazed to meet people who feel like they’ve been my friends forever! And a bit sad to say goodbye when our paths diverge – but my soul feels so much richer for having shared this time with them.