March 12, 2019

Wild Burros of Oatman, Arizona

A Ghost Town with Wild Burros in Oatman, Arizona made for a fun day trip. As we approached town the burros were waiting in the road blocking traffic. They ambled along and ignored the vehicles until a window rolled down, which was their cue to approach for a handout. They allowed a bit of a pet but walked away if you didn’t provide any food. Once we got closer into town there were signs warning not to feed carrots or other food to the burros. But by then the burros at the border of town had gotten what they were looking for from the people who were prepared to feed them.

The town was a total tourist area with old shanty’s, mine museums, and gift shops. Everything is in a carefully cared for state of delapidation so the tourists can feel like they’ve really stepped into an old mining town. It made me feel dirty to see the layer of sand on everything, but I guess it’s part of the charm of the town.

Several shops offered bags of pellets for feeding the burros. I enjoyed petting one old burro who was up on the boardwalk waiting for handouts. He didn’t waste time like the young burros approaching people in the street; he simply stood waiting for the people to come to him. They look so soft and cute, but their hair is quite coarse and feels dirty. But they are an important part of the charm of this town.

This gal leaves looking forward to getting back to someplace clean.