March 8, 2019

Mechanical Problems Continue

Now that my truck concerns have been addressed, I am needing to solve a heater problem in my T@B 400. The T@B has a radiant heating/cooling system made by Aldi. Fortunately, I have been watching youtube videos put out by a couple who also have a T@B 400 and they mentioned on one video that they let their glycol get too low and the pump was damaged. Forewarned, I began watching my glycol levels and quickly noted that the level was dropping. The level indicator is located at the back of my closet. In order to look at this level I must turn on the closet light and push or pull clothes out of the way – this involves some bendy twisty contortions of my body but all streetching exercise is good, right?

I pulled out my manuals and found the section on glycol figuring that I could do the refill myself. The page was covered with warning labels about just how to refill and I quickly realized that I didn’t have the knowledge to take care of this myself. My next step was to locate a RV dealership authorized to work on my system. I was assisted with this search by the company that provides my road-side service coverage. I had limited internet service and they were valiant in researching my model and finding the closest authorized dealership. But when I called the RV dealership, I was told that they couldn’t get it in for at least a month and I’d need to leave it with them for a week. The man I talked to pointed out that I didn’t purchase my unit from them and so I was a low priority. Wow, with that kind of service attitude I’m sure glad that I didn’t purchase from them!

I ran up against this roadblock shortly before I was scheduled to leave for Florida for my sister’s memorial service. It meant that I had to haul my trailer to a warmer location so I could leave it without heat. So, I made the decision to return to the park near Quartzsite where I had stayed last month. It also meant that I got a chance to return and see my singing friend – not a bad perk. Another bonus it left my trailer in a ocation where I could trust the people at the park to keep an eye on my unit.

When I returned earlier this week, I was able to contact the company providing road service coverage and let them know what I had run up against with the dealership. This time they located a mobile tech unit located half a mile from the park my trailer was sitting in. They made it out quickly and determined what brand of glycol they needed – it’s a special brand, of course. They ordered the glycol and came back to install within two days. Bonus – they showed me exactly how to fill it and left me with the partially used bottle of glycol. They not only solved my problem, but they empowered me to handle it myself next time!