May 9, 2019

Petroglyphs Beside A Pretty Little Lake in Arizona

After the storms passed, I once again took on the trail that beckoned to me just before the rain started the day before. I was delighted to explore the petroglyphs along the trail. The rock walls that these had been carved on have been crumbling into smaller rock fragments but are laying beside the trail. The rock fragment in this picture had fallen upside down. I re-oriented the photo so you can enjoy the petroglyphs as they would have looked on the rock wall when they were carved.

The trail wound around a peninsula that jutted out into the lake and provided views of the lake as well as up close looks at the petroglyphs. I found on one stretch of the trail that birds were raising an awful ruckus and dive bombing me. It took me a few minutes to recognize that they were “yelling” at me and then realized that I must be walking through a nesting area. I took the warnings of the birds as my call to stay carefully on the trail and not take any side paths. I watched my step carefully, ducked my head, and forged on ahead hoping that I was leaving the nesting area rather than stepping into it. I called my apologies to the birds and moved along as swiftly as I dared.

I could have enjoyed more days beside this charming lake exploring the trails and enjoying the cool weather, but I have a date with a son in just four days. Reluctantly I’m heading on but planning to return for a longer visit in the future. There are so many wonderful places to visit and I am happy to have the opportunity to be on this long explore.