May 8, 2019

A Pretty Little Lake in Arizona

This morning I still didn’t know where I was going next but when I studied the maps, I was intrigued by this state park. The on-line reservations system showed very few reservations and so I headed in that direction. Being early May the campground was wide open. I signed up for a site on a ridge above the lake. As soon as I had my site set up, I headed out to take on the first trail. I had just reached the trail head when I recognized that a storm was coming in very fast. I considered exploring just a bit of the trail before the rain began but chose wisely and headed directly back to camp. The rain started pelting me before I made it to the trailer and the wind tried to rip the door away from me. I was so relieved to be securely in my sweet little T@B. The wind was very fierce and rocked my trailer a bit. I think that was the heaviest winds I’d encountered thus far. The storm passed quickly but another hit during the night and provided me with a rocking adventure. I usually can sleep through anything but the wind and pelting rain woke me. The sound of rain on the roof lulls me to sleep but the wind kept me awake for a while. I kept picturing the trailer being rocked back off the ridge but I was secure. In the morning I found that the outside of the T@B looked like it had been pelted with mud, but all was safe.