January 28, 2019

Finding Brother Frank

Finding my brother’s look alike in a little restaurant in Quartzsite was an interesting experience. He and his brother-in-law entered while I was eating breakfast. I kept glancing at him thinking that he looked a lot like my brother, and he kept noticing me noticing him. When I got up to leave, I stepped over to their table to apologize and explained that he looked a lot like my brother, Fred. He quickly stated that he was my other brother, Frank.

Turns out this man was adopted by his step-father and never knew his own father, though he knew of him. We traded genealogy stories and if he’s a relative it’s too distant to count. He was very self-assured and confident, and he had a sense of humor that was so like my brother’s. Hard to imagine that there could be another because I've always thought my brother to be so unique.