February 1, 2019

Petroglyphs at Dripping Springs

I was motivated to get to Dripping Springs but didn’t realize how steep the hill was that we would have to go down. Originally, I had read that you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get back to this area. My truck has 4-wheel drive but I’m not confident using it. I generally leave it on the automatic setting and let the truck decide when it’s appropriate. So, I asked others for a recommendation and the answer was don’t go back there with a truck. A quad was the recommendation, so my friend offered to take me. It involved trailering the quad and then heading off on a trail that neither of us knew.

We had directions on which trails to take, and we enjoyed learning how to follow the trail markers – they weren’t always accurate. When we were closer to the area other hikers and quad riders helped us narrow down our direction. We were at the top of this very steep decline and then on our way down before it occurred to me to suggest that I hop off and just walk down. I like adventure, but this was a little beyond my comfort level. The crazy part was that we thought we had headed the wrong way and had to go back up that steep grade and then realized we had been right and had to do it again.

I didn’t hike up to the springs when we arrived because that was a steep climb on foot and what I was really back there for was the petroglyphs. I was not disappointed. The rock walls that the petroglyphs were etched into have been tumbling down and large boulders are scattered around the base of the mountain. I was able to examine many etchings. I find it fascinating to think of the people who once lived in these deserts and left messages in the rocks that can still be read and interpreted hundreds of years later.