January 22, 2019

Getting Out to See the Desert on a Quad

This was definitely not on my bucket list, but I was invited to get out into the desert on a quad and I accepted. I’d been watching others in the park going out and they seemed to be having such fun. I was told that there was jasper out there and petroglyphs that couldn’t be reached any other way, so I chose to head out with someone who promised to drive safely.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be and I enjoyed the views when we stopped on high peaks. I enjoyed picking up brown, red, and yellow jasper in areas where it just covered the ground. I learned how to dress for the ride – heavy boots, a scarf to protect your face, a warm coat to cut the wind and a hat that will stay on when the quad gets up to speed.

This hiking gal still likes best to head out on foot, but riding on a quad in the desert is definitely going to be one of my favorite memories of my journey.