January 30, 2019

Hiking, Praying, and Dreading the Inevitable

This was a heavy morning for me as I knew that my sister, Beverly, was losing the battle she’d chosen to fight with a marrow transplant to save her life. She fought so valiantly, and we were all so hopeful that her immune system would kick back in and save the day, but in the last couple of days we had to accept that it wasn’t to be. I was finding it so hard to sleep as I would wake up and lay there worrying about her and the pain that she was in. I was keeping my cell phone always by my side for the updates that my brother-in-law, Walt, was so dependable in providing. My morning walks in the desert have been an excuse to expend energy to do something, anything, rather than just sitting and waiting. I have found the desert to be just as valuable in providing quiet prayer time as I have always found in midwest forests and shorelines. I got word mid-day that she passed peacefully with family at her side. I am relieved that she is finally free of pain, but for me the years stretch ahead without her. But she is free of pain.