February 6, 2019

Evening Ride into the Desert

Time for me to leave again, but before I go, I take one last trip out on the quad. I’m a hiker gal so I’ve really been surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed the quad rides. For this last ride we went out to a peak that provides a beautiful 360⁰ view of the desert. The last time I was here there were lots of people milling around. This time it was just two of us and I was able to settle in and enjoy the energy of the rocks. My driver had learned that I sometimes like to just sit and be in the moment and provided me uninterrupted meditation time.

I’m going to miss these desert trails and this sturdy red quad. I’m going to miss the sunrises and sunsets and the amazing diversity of plants. I’m also going to miss my driver, but its time for me to leave again.