February 22, 2019

Snowman in the Desert

Today the snowmen are popping up all over the campground. They add an air of frivolity to the park as we all begin to venture out and enjoy some time with the snow. I was growing a bit tired of reading and so I went out to walk around the park a bit. I stayed on the roadways as the trails were a bit slippery.

I walked about a mile to the lagoons and was surprised to find several men fishing. They weren’t catching anything, but they were enjoying themselves. They told me about their sightings of the eagles swooping in to catch fish. And once again I thought of the luxury of time that retirement affords. I can handle the “inconvenience” of a winter storm because I don’t have anything pressing to do or get to, other than my basic needs. I can stroll through a state park buried under snow and enjoy the beauty of the snow, the friendliness of fishermen, and the frivolity of snowmen with bright red scarves and funny hats.