February 21, 2019

Snowed in at Dead Horse Ranch State Park

I was glad to be tired enough to stay in most of the day after my 7-mile hike yesterday, but I did get out a few times to enjoy the winter wonderland and get some shots of the desert plants buried in snow. This photo doesn’t show the full 8-10 inches, but you can get an idea from it. The park was quiet with the hush that accompanies a heavy snowfall, but I did see a few people out hiking with their dogs. Having lived all my life in the midwest I knew how to relax into it. I had enough food and fuel for heat, and I enjoyed a quiet day of reading.

The shape of the roof on my teardrop provided automatic cleanoff of the snow. Over the next couple of days, I saw several other campers up on the roofs of their rigs shovelling snow. My most important chore was cleaning the snow and ice off my step outside my door. I used great care getting in and out because I never knew how icy it would be.

I was pleased to find that I had the knowledge born of life experiences to handle the threat of the heavy snowfall with careful preparations. And then I just relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of a winter snowfall.