March 5, 2019

Mechanical Problems Have to be Addressed

My truck display began sporting an error code on the display panel just days before I needed to fly to Florida for my sister’s memorial service. This was one of the moments I was dreading on my journey. Back in Michigan I have great trust in the dealership that I have taken my Chevys to for years. They kept my Cavalier humming along for more than 15 years. I could take it in, trust their advice, get a ride home or to work, and count on good prices and dependable service.

I found myself in Arizona needing to choose a dealership for an unknown problem. I did the responsible thing and called back to Michigan to ask for advice about Arizona dealerships and what the problem might be. A Michigan mechanic gave me a work around to make the error code disappear but stressed that I had to get it in. I did some internet searches and read reviews on several Arizona Chevrolet dealerships. Because I was flying out of Phoenix a Phoenix area dealership looked like a good choice. I chose the one with the best reviews and called and made an appointment for the morning after I was to fly back. I’m not afraid of travelling cross country alone but taking my vehicle into an unknown dealership really left me feelling like I just didn’t have the knowledge to make the correct choice. I also had to leave my trailer in a safe location while I was gone, and it needed be close enough to get back to once the truck was repaired. The logistics of flying out early in the morning and returning late at night required two nights in a hotel. If the truck took more than one day for the work I would require another night.

I am happy to report that the service at the dealership I chose to take my truck to was wonderful. The check in was professional and efficient. My service rep sent me a reminder email the night before and was present to greet me when I arrived. He listened carefully to what I had to say and asked what felt like the right questions. He took me to a very comfortable lounge for customers to wait in. Even the other customers were cheerful and friendly.

I was close to needing an oil change so we decided to also get that done before they began the diagnostics. They were not able to replicate the problem but drew up a very careful plan for watching the vehicle over the next several oil changes to make sure it isn’t burning oil. It is possible that the oil change was needed sooner than the truck was telling me. I was assured that I am safe to continue pulling my trailer. Everything was covered by the warranty and I was able to drive away just hours later with plenty of time to make it back to my trailer by nightfall.

I was amused at myself that I was so concerned but found the right remedy and solved my problem. If I should winter in Arizona again next year, I have a dealership that I can rely on. And so as I continue into my journey my world is expanding to include a broader community than I had lived in before I began my wanderings. And I am fitting into this expanded community.