May 13, 2019

Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona

A visit to Biosphere 2 marks the beginning of a new phase of my journey. I picked up my son, James, and together we are going to head back across country with a goal to visit his siblings’ homes and provide him with a well-deserved vacation and brief respite from his studies. I was delighted to have a travelling companion and a chance to spend time with my son.

During my travels this past winter I had discovered a brochure offering tours of Biosphere 2, located near Tucson. As a family we had often talked about this experiment in terms of the ecological discoveries and the feasibility of creating a closed biosystem. James was in agreement when I told him that we would be driving close to Biosphere 2 and could stop in and take a look.

The tour provided us with a look at the ocean, the rain forest, the agricultural area where the biospherians worked 60 hours a week to provide themselves with food, and the mechanical rooms that provided climate control. It was even more impressive than I had expected. We were also able to visit the living area of the biospherians and view their living quarters.

I have spent much of the last few months pondering the ancients who lived in the environments that I have visited. This tour provided me an opportunity to think about the 8 individuals who stepped away from their own lives to devote two years to this experiment while I was busy with my own daily life. All of us busy with our own lives; doing good, doing bad, working hard, hardly working, maintaining our finances, participating in keeping the national economy going, keeping our families safe, being kind to others. Each of us with our own part to play, but sometimes we get to see what others have been doing while we were busy with our own endeavors.