December 21, 2018

Girl Power to the Rescue

Sometimes a little Girl Power is all I need to get me back on the way. These two ladies, Ronnie and Julie, came to my rescue when I was hitching up my trailer to be on the way once again. I had spent a week at a 55+ RV resort near my son’s home in Arizona. He was moving from one house to another and I was happy to lend my truck to the process. I spent a fair bit of time visiting with Ronnie during my stay but had not yet met Julie.

I had everything ready to go but my coupler wouldn’t lock onto the trailer ball. It looked like it was in the correct position, but the lock wasn’t fitting into place. Ronnie told me don’t worry, Julie knows how to tow anything, and so she went and got her. We three worked to figure out what was wrong. At one point I was up on it jumping up and down because I was heavier than Julie. Ultimately what we realized was that the sidewalk next to my pad was too close to the back tire of the truck. Pulling away from the sidewalk solved the problem.

We shared a good laugh about the power of female cooperation and hugs all around. Two weeks later I’m still smiling about what we accomplished and feeling a bit sad that we didn’t have more time to get to know each other. Once again I’m so grateful for finding people willing to just quietly be themselves and ready to help someone else.