February 10, 2019

Music Everywhere I Go

This seems to be my month for music as I continue Into My Journey. First there was the man with the deep voice and a guitar, and now I’m in a state park where the burros are braying, a bugler is playing taps, and today I heard bagpipes in the distance.

I’m still feeling a bit of regret about driving away from my friend with the deep voice, but perhaps I’ll swing back his way again sometime. I’ve settled into Alamo Lake State Park for a few days and am really enjoying some deep solitude and the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The rocks are some amazing layers of colors. And last night in the early evening I sat down and watched about 7 burros on a distant hill as they ran and chased each other and brayed.

The couple in the campsite next to mine invited me to hike up to the dam overlook with them. He was going up to practice on his bugle. He practices playing taps and the overlook at the dam provides an amazing echo. He has been learning and practicing on the bugle for a year as a participant in Bugles Across America. He has just recently improved enough to be able to play taps at funerals for veterans. His long-suffering wife has been supportive of his efforts. I was able to record him playing at the dam overlook and found the music hauntingly beautiful.

We also went out to lunch together. Good people, good laughs, and good food. Add in some music and braying burros and I just have to say camping travel in retirement is awesome!